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Renault unveils new Twingo

Renault unveils new Twingo

Posted on: 21st Apr 2014

The new Renault Twingo has finally been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. According to the companyís boss, the new Twingo is built to revive the Renault 5ís spirit. The car was made in collaboration with Daimler, which is the company that builds the Smart.

What's so unique about this new Twingo?

The new Renault Twingo borrows a few styling cues from the TwiníZ which was last yearís concept. The Renault team is touting the carís new sporty impetus, features and roomy interior as some of the carís main selling points in the face of Europeís savagely competitive market. Its production car will come with 5-seats and a 4-door layout. It will also be rear-wheel drive, hence sharing the same design and drive concept as the 1970s Hillman Imp, which is the only other mainstream production car to feature a similar combination of features in Europe. The main objective behind the outlay was to create an agile but roomy car despite having a small footprint. The engine is also rear-mounted to give the driver a more entertaining experience.

The exterior and interior

Due to its rear-mounted engine the carís rear and front overhangs are short. This makes more space available to passengers. It also has an impressive front with a large Renault logo and round fog lights. At the back, the car features a steep boot-lid that morphs into a strong shoulder line. The interior has a cheap but cheerful feel with some cool features like contrasting trim and TomTom navigation. At the Geneva Show, the Twingo team revealed that the production car will be equipped with the latest R-Link multi-media system, which enables the driver to link his Smartphone to the radio and perform other functions such as transferring media data. Although this Renault model is shorter than the previous one, it is actually roomier. On to the dimensions, the production car will be 3.59 metres long, 1.64 metres wide with a 2.49 metre wheelbase. It will also come with a generous 219 litre boot capacity and a split-folding rear seat.

The Twingo engine

The Twingo utilises 2 newly developed engines. Both are 3-cylinder with the first being a modified version of the present 898cc TCe90 unit, which develops 59bhp and the second 69bhp. Both are mated to a five-speed manual.

The Renault Twingo is set to hit the market in the second half of this year and will be available in the light blue, yellow, red and white colours.